Visar Dobroshi

Chairperson of the Board

Mr. Visar Dobroshi is a Managing Partner in RECURA Financials, in charge of sales, HR and Corporate Governance. Visar has over 20 years of relevant professional experience in project management in infrastructure development, management consultancy and executive and oversight roles in senior positions and boards of directors. Visar has experience as a long-term expert in managing teams and in project management gained in the public or private sector or in donor funded projects in multiple long-term projects.

Before joining RECURA, Visar was engaged as the Chief Executive Officer at PRIMO, a subsidiary of Telekom Slovenia, in Tirana, Albania. Between 2002 and 2010, Visar worked in IPKO as the Chief Operations Officer, and later as a Head of Infrastructure, managing the Department of Planning, Implementation and Operations & maintenance for the company’s infrastructure and services. Between 1999 and 2002, he worked as a Project Assistant/IT Manager in ECHO – European Commission Humanitarian Office in Prishtina, responsible for monitoring projects financed by ECHO and implemented by international NGOs, with tasks ranging from project appraisals, budget analysis, to project evaluations.

Visar was also one of the initiators of the new Association of ICT Companies in Kosovo (STIKK) and was selected as the Vice-President of its first Board. He has also served in various executive and non-executive boards including the Board of the South East Europe ICT Private Sector Forum, representing the ICT sector in Kosovo; the Board of Governors of American Chambers AMCHAM in Kosovo and the Board of Primo Telecommunications in Albania. Currently, Visar is a mentor at CEED.
Visar is a graduated Civil Engineer from the University of Prishtina, where he tought as an Assistant Professor in Water and Sanitation and Hydro-technical subjects for over 14 years. Parallel to this, he worked in the ICT business, first as a private entrepreneur and as an executive in several telecommunications companies.


Hana Qerimi

Deputy Chairperson of the Board

Hana Qerimi is a passionate entrepreneur who has successfully started and grew two startups internationally; Digital School which offers programming lessons for youngsters and franchising services for international clients as well as StarLabs which is an outsourcing company with focus on software development.

Hana has finished bachelor studies for business management at university for business and technology in Prishtina and her master studies for Global MBA – Consulting Management in London. She is a PMP certified for 5 years now as well as she holds the globally recognized certification for consultancy management – CMC. She also works as an instructor for PMP certification at the American University of Kosovo – TDI.

Hana is also deputy chairperson of the board at Business Consultants Council – BCC and has over 10 years of professional experience in project and program management mainly in ICT sector where she has worked as a project and program manager with global clients such as ATT mobility, Vodafone and eXtenet systems in United States.


Lekë Zogaj

Secretary of the Board

Lekë Zogaj is management consultant specialized on quality management services. He is PhD candidate in the field of Quality Management, and he has completed Master studies in Service Management at Rochester Institute of Technology. Moreover, he is certified for ISO 9001:2008; ISO 27001:2013, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2008, ISO 27005:2008; ISO 20000:2005; ISO 50001:2011; 29001:2012; ISO 21500:2012; 20121:2012, ISO 13053:2011.

Lekë is member of BCC since its establishment and was elected Treasury of the Board in May 2016. Lekë is CMC – Certified Management Consultant, Black Belt – Lean Six Sigma and Licensed Professional Property Valuator.

Lekë has 10 years experience as consultant in different projects related to strategic management, feasibility studies, business planning and significantly ISO management system implementations and trainings. As Manager and Senior Consultant at “2M Consulting”, he provided various consulting services to public, private, non-profit sector for local and international organizations.


Aldo Spahiu

Treasurer of the Board

Aldo Spahiu has many years of experience in the field of auditing, financial and accounting expertise, gained through engagement in well-known international auditing firms and international institutions in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, France, Switzerland . His expertise includes the public sector and the private sector, mainly engaged in the field of regulation as well as audit services and financial expertise. He is the author and co-author of several scientific articles (national and international publications) and has been engaged in teaching in institutions and universities in Kosovo and Albania.

He graduated in Finance and Accounting at the MSc level and is at the end of the MBA program. He is a member of SCAAK and holds the Certified Auditor’s titles. He also holds the Registered Accounting Expert (CPA / EDF), Approved Accounting Officer, Certified Public Sector Auditor for Public Sector, and Spatial Planning and Urban Development Certification, and has been certified as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).


Valon Canhasi

Board Member

Valon Canhasi holds the positions as a Social Media Strategist, Trainer, and Consultant. He is the owner of Hallakate, one of the first Social Media agencies in Kosovo.

Valon has more than:

+7 years of experience in the Social Media ecosystem
+2.5 years on News Media organizations
+9 years of experience in the Business ICT sector

Valon helps organizations and individuals build their audience and presence online through:

  • Internet and social media marketing strategies for businesses, organizations, and individuals to increase their overall reach online
  • Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing
  • Content strategy and content ideas
  • Social media coaching and training


Yllka Metaj

Board Member

Yllka has a dedicated focus in communication and private sector development. Her educational background includes Master’s Degree on Social and Public Communication, under the Department of Psychological and Behavioral Science, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, United Kingdom; whereas, her bachelor’s degree is in Management and Public Policy form American University of Kosovo (AUK).

Yllka is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) who during 5 years has helped various businesses in Kosovo to successfully accomplish specific tasks, which resulted in improvement/development of businesses she has, endeavored as projects.

Yllka has a remarkable nature that can be equally comfortable with business process, human resources issues and challenges.

Yllka has been for a decade in the business world. She has a solid reputation as a consultant. Her clients benefits from her consultancy services in several ways:

• Yllka can perform upon diagnoses while taking time to develop full project briefs;
• She can help on strategic communication and development of a team within specific Department;
• She can assist on manage the implementation phase too, assures that the project is in time and within the budget scale;
• Yllka is objective and independent; she can combine communication with analytical and problem solving skills while trying to explore market, and develop ideas within necessary budget;

Currently, Yllka works for AZTECH Electronics, which is the leader and number one electronics retailer in Kosovo, in the position of Marketing Manager.



EBRD Kosovo

Honorary Board Member

EBRD is an Honorary Member of BCC Board of Directors. [/ut_one_half_last]