cropped-logo.pngBusiness Consultants Council is an association of leading business services providers in Kosovo and recognized by local and international partners for its professionalism, standards of excellence and customer care.

The Business Consultants Council has been established with the intent to achieve several goals:

  • Raise marketplace understanding of the industry’s value and contributions;
  • Build local consultancy capacities;
  • Promote recognized standards of business ethics among industry firms and the broader Kosovar business community;
  • Advocate for a transparent business environment;

strategy-devIn order to achieve the mission stated above and contribute to the desired vision, the BCC will strive to achieve several main objectives:

  • Improve members abilities to respond to clients;
  • Support the development of legal framework to support competition in business services market;
  • Introduce and ensure implementation of management consultancy standards;
  • All members adhere to a Professional Code of Conduct;
  • Extend Code of Conduct and Business Ethics to all the consultancy businesses which will be registered as members of BCC and to other partners cooperating with BCC;
  • Encourage the enforcement of all laws that promote transparency in procurement of services;
  • Educate the market on value of BSP services;
  • Achieve synergies through streamlining efforts with other associations